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Introducing LUX University, a first of its kind online learning program for Catholic Women. 

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You Don't Have to Live Out Your Faith Alone!

You have been asking and I've been listening, this is what you've been waiting for and now I get to go deeper with you!

Spiritual Coaching and Training

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a mentor in your corner? Leah will provide coaching and training through videos, LIVE events, Q&A, and expert interviews and courses by the best teachers in the world. All of this is in a private and intimate community setting where Leah and her partners can go deeper and walk with you in your journey of faith.

On Demand and At Your Pace

Unlimited access to bite-sized theological lessons made especially for those who don't have the time to attend grad school nor spend thousands of dollars on a Master's Degree but who still want to learn more about their faith in a fun, challenging, inspiring community environment with other like-minded women.

Trustworthy and Accessible Catholic Teaching

Relatable, life-applicable, and orthodox teaching from the best female evangelists and teachers in the world today. Leah earned her Master's Degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute and previously earned her B.A. in Psychology. She has developed an intellectually challenging but accessible curriculum for all walks of life and has recruited the best female teachers, speakers and evangelists in the world to contribute specialized coursework on topics you care about.

Community of Like-Minded Women

Stop feeling lonely and stop walking this journey alone. Get connected to like-minded women in a safe and private learning community. VIP members get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Monthly Live Events, Q&A, and Meetups.

What is Lux U?

Lux University is a Coaching & Training Program designed specifically for women who want to go deeper in their faith and are looking for real life application.

Lux University will Inform, Inspire, and Empower you in your Catholic Faith. You were made to be a Light, and we will help you shine! 

What you'll LOVE about Lux U:

Community Sourced Topics

We will always add new and relevant courses, taught by top experts, on topics YOU want to learn more about. We love your feedback and we listen. Lux U is for you. Speak up. Tell us what you want. We will give it to you! 

Women Focused

Designed for the busy Mom, Career Woman, Entrepreneur, Religious, College and even the Retiree. If you could combine on-demand graduate theological studies, a retreat, the best women conferences, and a diverse global community of Catholic women – you’d get Lux U. Women Focused and Christ Centered.

The Best Female Teachers

You will have access to the best speakers, evangelists, professors and religious today who will give you their specialized training and virtual mentorship. The Church needs the voice and the work of women more than ever and we are laser-focused on equipping you to Do Something Beautiful for God!

"Leah is an extraordinary teacher, leader, and guide when it comes to women's ministry. She is truly gifted at connecting with women and encouraging them toward the path that will bring them true and lasting joy."

Emily Wilson-Hussem
Speaker, Author and Musician

"Changing your life has never been so fun. Through candor and an irresistible sense of humor, Leah Darrow shows us how to let go of the fears and lies that hold us back and be the people God created us to be."

Jen Fulwiler
Sirius XM Radio Host, Author, Speaker and Comedienne

"Leah Darrow is a wonderful witness of truth, zeal and wit. Her ability to articulate wisdom, Church doctrine and common sense living is a gift to all who hear her. With a heart for the broken and a love for the lost, Leah shares the faith clearly and succinctly, allowing the listener to apply the truth to their lives and bring about deeper conversion of heart and mind."

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT

"Leah’s honest, real, and passionate way of articulating and communicating the Gospel is a true gift to the New Evangelization and to our Church!"

Sarah Swafford
Speaker and Author, Emotional Virtue

"Leah Darrow is, without question, one of the most gifted teachers of the faith today. Her dynamic and engaging style will inspire you to become the woman God created and calls you to be."

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Author, Speaker, EWTN Radio and Television Host.

"When Leah Darrow preaches, she sets souls on fire. You can't help but feel loved, encouraged, and deeply challenged when you listen to her message. She is a force to be reckoned with."

Sarah Kroger
Worship Leader, Songwriter

"Leah absolutely shines when she teaches. She nimbly balances vulnerability and confidence in a way that draws her students into a desire to know what she knows, and seek what she seeks. Then satiates them with the Truth."

Fr. Michael O'Loughlin
"Catholic Stuff You Should Know" Podcast Host

"Through her intelligent talks and inviting manner, Leah is willing to reveal her own humanity in order to reach deep into the minds and souls of seekers and bring them to a new encounter with Jesus Christ, who alone can make our lives beautiful, integrated, and eternally purposeful."

Fr. David Meconi, SJ
Theology Professor, Saint Louis University

"Leah is not only an effective teacher of the Gospel, but a living witness of it. Her faith, joy, humor, and her 'realness' gives her the ability to connect and impact all different types of people!"

Jackie Francois Angel
Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader, Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited access to a library of courses produced by Leah Darrow with worksheets, audio files for listening on the road, and transcripts for reading more in depth. Access to bonus content including leading expert interviews and guest teachers on community sourced topics that you care about. In addition, with VIP access you will get Monthly LIVE Q&A with Leah, a bi-monthly "Lux Box" of surprises curated by Leah, and exclusive access to private events, meetups as well as discounts on pilgrimages.

The number of lessons in each course will vary and new courses will be added throughout the year. Each Lux U Course contains multiple lessons and are designed so that you watch one lesson a week. This helps with retention and prevents feeling overwhelmed with content or burnout (cuz who's got time for that?!).  

Lux U is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of modern mothers, career women, entrepreneurs, students, and everything in-between. You will be challenged but you will not be stressed by the coursework. It is at your pace and on-demand. Additionally, you will have Leah, her partners, and the Lux Community to keep you engaged, on track and accountable. You can be as engaged as you want to be or as chill as you want to be if you're introverted. 

*VIP Membership for members outside the United States does not include the Lux Box due to unfeasible shipping costs. International VIPs will still have access to all other benefits.

All courses are taught in English- for now.

Paypal and Stripe offers the ability to pay in most major international currencies. We understand the reality of financial hardships in some parts of the world. Please contact us directly to inquire about international scholarships at [email protected]

In order to personally walk with each membership class and give her full attention to the community, Leah will only open membership to Lux U twice a year.

The long-term goal is to eventually only open once a year so that she can give even more of her time to you and the Lux community. We cannot guarantee when the next opening will be. For now we will accept only the first 500 VIP members with the number of basic members being uncapped.

Additionally, as more content is produced, more experts contribute and and as the Lux Box grows, it will require more funds to continue bringing the highest quality user experience which means the Membership prices will go up. If you get in now, your price will be grandfathered for the lifetime of your membership.

You may have an opportunity down the line to upgrade your membership (Basic → VIP) but we cannot downgrade it (VIP → Basic). That's in fairness to the limited number of spots for VIP membership (500). It wouldn't be fair to have you claim one of the VIPs spots and later downgrade when lots of others who missed out on VIP registration would have been happy to claim it and keep it.

All Lux University content is grounded in Catholic theology marked by Sacred Scripture, the Early Church Fathers, and the Tradition passed down since the time of Christ. All Christians including evangelicals, protestants, orthodox, etc are welcome here. Evangelicals will find Leah to be a kindred spirit with her unique ability to preach the Gospel from the Word of God. Catholics and Orthodox will be refreshed with Leah's faithfulness to Church teaching and encouraged by her authentic witness to the Catholic faith. If you're an atheist, or just investigating this Catholic stuff, give the course a try and we encourage you to begin with Leah's story of becoming a Christian which is one of the first lessons. If you are a catechumen awaiting to be confirmed as a new Catholic, you are in for a treat! 

You have unlimited access to the content for as long as you remain a member.

Send us some feedback via email at [email protected]. Maybe we can help you. You may cancel your membership at any time, but we would like to hear from you so we can make Lux U even better.

Membership is FREE for all Catholic religious.

We believe that Lux U will be a particularly helpful resource for religious. We will even provide special bonus content just for you. By signing up as a Catholic religious, you will receive FREE lifetime access to LuxUIn return, you agree to regularly comment/respond in the Lux Community Forum. The Lux Community Forum is a place where members can ask questions and discuss the lessons. Which means that we need smart, holy people like you to help provide answers! (There's no specific requirement - just dip in and comment as you're able.) In order to sign up as a religious, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, your religious order affiliation, and a means to verify your status. This could be a website, workplace, etc. Thank you for your help and enjoy!

NOTE: Free religious membership is only for consecrated nuns, sisters, brothers, monks, friars, priests —NOT for Third Order or tertiary members. Sorry!

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